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Reclaim your days off!

So, you’ve set up your business and things are going great. You’ve launched, you’ve got the customers and now you’re busy all day, every day looking after the core of your business. You’ve had a great, but busy, week and you’re looking forward to your day off, maybe couple of glasses of wine with your partner, a night at the cinema, a day at the park with the kids …..

And then you remember, you need to get the wages organised for the next day, the VAT return’s due, and the bank manager’s asking for your management accounts. Cancel the day off, you now need to spend it in the office, knee deep in invoices, receipts and bank statements.

Ask yourself, is this why you got into business? What happened to the freedom to work when you want Where’s the extra time with the family your promised yourself?

Broome Partnership clients spend less time on their books and more time with their kids, or at the beach, or walking the dog, or in the pub or … whatever.

They can do this because we utilise the latest in technology to bring their accounts under control: Receipt Bank to manage your invoices and expenses, EPOS Link for your sales, linked bank feeds to manage your transactions, Xero to stay compliant and manage the books, and The Broome Partnership to provide the insight and expertise.

If your business is in financial difficulties or has fallen behind with the books, our sister company, Rectify, can help.
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